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Alex Stypula // Comedian

Alex Stypula (photo by Eric Schaeffer)

I met Alex Stypula after one of his sets at an open mic night at Hambones on Butler Street in Central Lawrenceville. He's intense, his words are violent, and his act is hysterical. He agreed to meet up with me at Hambones one afternoon in November to discuss his background, his comedy, and his perspective on existence. Enjoy!

To find out when and where you can see Alex perform - check him out on Facebook.

Update: March 1st, 2013 

Alex was featured on the cover of this week's Pittsburgh City Paper and will be headlining at Club Cafe tomorrow March 2nd, 2013. Catch him now before tickets sell out!

(This interview was updated with a new intro on March 20th, 2013)