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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

James Kunz // Musician

brave people waded through this crap to come record their interviews in the last week of december. thank you.

I met James many years ago during the many years I tended bar in Pittsburgh. During the creation of this site I sent out a call on Facebook about needing some musical assistance and he answered the call. A musician and composer, James is crafting something for your ears in the next couple months... a theme song if you will. He also had a LOT of good advice about sound editing and recording for me that we discussed at my place on a very snowy Pittsburgh afternoon. Soon, we started chatting about Pennsylvania liquor laws and I was compelled to turn on the mic. What is captured here is a really thoughtful and just fucking cool discussion about art. Warning! I am just getting over a cold in this interview.


Check out James in the ELCO Orchestra on the Facebook at

(This interview was updated with a new intro on March 20th, 2013)