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Fuck It (Winter in Pittsburgh)

When I woke up this morning I had no interest in moving let alone getting out of my most comfortable nest of a bed. It's days like this that I have to remember - if I get up now I can get to work, finish up early, then come home and get to 'work'. 

As I ride the bus I listen to a number of podcasts and news updates in order to block out any potential outside interruption. My goal isn't to be rude to the very nice bus driver or passenger but I need that hour commute to process the thoughts to which I woke up. These mental notes can range from a dream about a painting I'm working on to the mental to-do list, "Return the library books - for real this time. Call about that appointment. Email that person about that important thing. Seriously, don't forget about the fucking library books."

Once I'm in the comfort of my work space I set off into the day focused on my responsibilities. There comes a time though, during the regular pace of the day, that I get out my notebook and write something down or sketch something really fast. These times coincides with my computer having to crunch data for an extended period of time or right after I hit print and am waiting for the printer to fire up. If I don't write it down that second I'll forget just the way it sounded in my head and that would just be the worst thing to happen ever. So I jot it down quickly and continue on with the day. 

I'm going to start sharing more of those quick post-it note thoughts here in a longer and hopefully more thought out form. Let's see how that goes. If anything, it'll make it easier to face the cold-ass bus stop every morning. 

In the meantime, here's some more garbage from inside my brain. ENJOY!

She might be judging us all.