IDK Magazine // Ian, Dakota, and Kinsley (plus Tim)

Ian Riggins, Fiction Editor

Dakota Garilli,  Non-Fiction Editor

Kinsley Stocum,  Poetry Editor

Tim Goodier, Guest Art Editor

IDK Magazine is an online literary magazine focused on the perspectives from and about Millennials. They are currently accepting submissions of poetry, non-fiction, and fiction for publication in a dynamic and boundary blurring forum that pushes out from inside the box. Ian, Dakota, and Kinsley wanted to share their vision for the magazine and brought guest art editor Tim along, (because as you already know, Tim is the shit).

We discuss the goals of IDK but also get into writing itself, and what each member of the magazine is up to at the moment. Kinsley and Dakota both are working on their thesis for the final year in their MFA program at Chatham. Ian is teaching writing at Chatham and Tim is currently finishing a public art instillation for the City Paper Artbox project.

The conversation delves into talk of Breaking Bad and the duck . Spoilers abound. Just deal with it.

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