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Bobby Jesus // 2013 Carnegie International

Greetings once again Internet,

If you follow @apcollector on Twitter or The AP Collection Facebook page then you already know I’ve spent the entire weekend attending events related to the 2013 Carnegie International. It has been a beautiful weekend of art gazing, art making, presentations about art, and fancy dress up fundraisers for art. On Monday morning I felt the effects of such a spectacular weekend and it was similar to a hangover after a three day music festival—I’m exhausted but incredibly grateful and inspired.

The exhaustion stems from continually staying up long past my bedtime and the poor choice to wear heels at a number of events, (something I do rarely and for good reason as I walk like a new born giraffe in few scuffed pairs of pumps that I own). 

This was a very small price to pay though, as I spent the weekend wandering through the halls of the Carnegie Museum of Art gazing into a well curated International featuring the classic artworks of tomorrow. Artists like Pedro Reyes, Frances Stark, Rokni Haerizadeh, Wade Guyton, Zoe Strauss, and Henry Taylor drew me into their work and left me flabbergasted at their ability to immerse me in their individual worlds.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the artists and even bugged a couple to talk into my voice recorder app! One of those artists is Bobby Jesus. He worked with Frances Stark on her piece for the International titled, Bobby Jesus’s Alma Mater b/w Reading the Book of David and/or Paying Attention Is Free (2013). Speaking with him reminded me of the power that art has to bring people from across different worlds together in a common and positive goal. It brought Bobby and Frances together and it brought Bobby to Pittsburgh where he ultimately wound up talking to me. I’m so incredibly thankful for that.

I hope you enjoy my chat with Bobby Jesus. He’s a very cool and kind guy who was super generous with his time. Hopefully when I am finally about to make the trip out to Los Angeles I can meet with him again.

Things to come: A slide show of all things opening weekend from the 2013 Carnegie International.