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Mario Ashkar // Photographer, Filmmaker

Mario Ashkar is a collaborator with the Moon Baby, bringing her performances to the masses via a documentary series and the Astral Shit Show film as director, producer, and anything-else-coordinator. At each of the two premiers for the Astral Shit Show film, Mario could be seen floating through the crowd, greeting new guests, and chatting up friends, but inside he described waiting for the film to begin as beyond nerve racking. Both he and the Moon Baby have invested their blood, sweat, and tears into these projects and while they are super cool cats—it takes a lot of guts to put your vision out there for friends, family, and strangers.

Mario and I chat about how he met the Moon Baby, making Astral Shit Show, and his beginnings in Ohio.

If you enjoy our talk, take the time to support the Indiegogo campaign. Mario and Moon want to take their film out on the road to festivals and they need some help doing it! Links below:

Mario Ashkar on the Internet