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Davon Magwood // Comedian

Davon Magwood and I


“If you have enough money to buy a case of beer, then you’ll be okay.” 

This is the quote at the top of Davon Magwood’s website and is illustrative of the easy attitude he exudes when you meet him. Within five minutes of coming over to the house, Davon, my partner David, collaborator and photographer Jerome Charles, and I were all hanging out in the kitchen shooting the shit nearly forgetting that we should probably get some of this on record.

Davon speaks quickly but without any spastic urgency. Instead, he’s a storyteller who is quick to dive into an amusing tale about his dating antics or growing up in Pittsburgh— two topics we get into in our chat. He’s a natural entertainer who is clearly comfortable on stage but still retains a slight sense of youthful awkwardness that makes him relatable. He’s probably the most famous person I’ve interviewed to date and definitely the most sharply dressed (see picture to the right). Regardless, I wasn't remotely nervous and we fell quickly into a comfortable report.

Enjoy! (You won't be able to help it...)

Davon Magwood on the Internet

Update: December 2014

Davon Maywood's latest album, "I'd Rather Be Napping" is in the top 20 comedy albums on iTunes! Recorded at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh's South Side, the cover artwork was designed by another guest on the AP Collection: Matt Gondek. By it NOW!