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Cara Livorio // Visual Artist

Structures  / 24"x36" 2013 / Oil on canvas / Sold

I met Cara’s paintings before I met her. One weekend morning David and I met up with people at Espresso a Mano on Butler Street and upon walking into the coffee shop though I paid little to no attention to my friends and their out of town guests, (although they are very nice people). Instead it was “Structures” hanging to the right of the door  that had my attention. Memories of sitting shotgun in my mother’s ’96 Ford E-350 turtle-top conversion van as the two of us traveled to my grandparent’s house in Natrona Heights streamed through my head. Pittsburgh was a strange place for me then and I was fascinated at how light transformed it’s curvy landscape and sharply angled architecture. As it turns out, Cara was growing up just across the river in New Kensington at that time, looking at the same view every day.

After looking at her other paintings, I grabbed a card with Cara’s information on it and left David to be social as I stepped out and called her immediately. For getting a cold call in the middle of the afternoon, she was really cool about it! Within a couple weeks, Jerome, David, and I traveled out to her studio in New Kensington to learn more about her and her truly lovely work.

The talk I had with Cara was incredibly inspiring to me as a painter— both in her technique and how quickly she can put together an image that isolates a single moment in time and capture its energy with vibrant color. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Cara Livorio on the Internet

Check out a digital tour of Cara's studio below in the gallery and see more of her work at  Box Heart Gallery (on Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield) in the show Modern + Contemporary  May 20-July 18 2014!

All photography provided by Jerome Charles Photography