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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

David Mansueto // Creator of Awesome

Dave Mansueto 

(photo credit: Jerome Charles)

Working on a project like the AP Collection has allowed me to chat with people that I never would have met otherwise and learn about things happening in Western Pennsylvania that I never really thought possible. Dave Mansueto is the perfect example of such a person taking on "impossible" things.

Dave is a fount of knowledge and gives off an energy that is addictive—getting everyone around him excited about the interesting ideas he is able to connect effortlessly. All of us in the AP Collection studio sat with rapt attention as Dave and I discussed his history as one of the four founders of Libsyn, his interest in transportation and bringing water taxis to Pittsburgh, and his latest venture—Boss Jock. The app allows anyone with an iPhone to create their own podcast and send it out into the Internet! 

After concluding this interview, we parted ways and my partner David and I went down to Hambones on Butler Street to meet with a musician about a show. While walking to the restaurant, I unexpectedly saw Dave Mansueto across the street striding towards Arsenal Lanes and chatting pleasantly with a young woman at his side. I thought how small of a town Pittsburgh can be and yet most of us tend to keep to our own smaller crowds. I'm glad that this project has pushed me out of my little universe and introduced me to folks like Dave. A few weeks later, at a meet-up group I met the woman behind IHeartPgh. She said that Dave was the one who encouraged her to start blogging. This fun fact came as no surprise to me.

Dave on the Internet