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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Amy Garbark // Visual Artist, Business Owner

The story of Garbella began on the back of a bicycle. Amy, shouldering needed supplies, would ride her bike to the North Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh to print at Artist Image Resources. It was in their facilities that she started to create the images that would define the straightforward and playful designs of Garbella. Since then, she has grown her practice into a bright and beautiful studio nestled in Upper Lawrenceville. She graciously spared some of her time during the hectic holiday season to discuss her journey to business ownership.

Just about every chat I record inevitably moves "off topic" and this one is no different. (I put it in quotes because I think the idea of "off topic" being a bad thing is lame and I aim to trivialize the phrase.) Our conversation shifted from why printmaking is the shit to Amy's cross-country bicycling adventures with one of her best friends. At one point, she turns the tables on me and asks about my own goals with this project and my art practice. We also learn why it wouldn't be a great idea for me to be on the radio. Also, in line with other chats, we discuss how Pittsburgh is changing and what that means for each of us. Enjoy! then stop by her site and get yourself something cool!

Amy Garbark on the Internet