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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Anh Stanley from Aziz Light // Newport News, VA

Anh in his studio with product behind him on the shelves.

Anh and I have known each other for a very long time, (he's got all the embarrassing stories stored away in his brain to prove it). While visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday I visited his beautiful home and his studio to learn more about his budding small business, Aziz Light Apothecary. Anh has a great eye and a decorative touch that I'm personally lacking so it was a real pleasure to peek into his space and chat. 

Anh creates amazing scents by blending oils that are surprisingly complementary, (the Chili Clementine candle for example). I almost wept after a whiff of the Shenandoah candle. I've spent some time in Shenandoah Valley and my fond memories came rushing back after sampling the candle, (that one isn't up yet on the site as of this going up so email him if you're interested).

I just wish I could convey to you via internet how >amazing< it smells there but you'll just have to buy something instead!


Aziz Light Apothecary on the Internet

The gallery is a peek into Anh's studio and the meditative process of candle making. He not only has your standard small brown containers but large vessels that offer a different aesthetic.  I also grabbed a few shots of his gorgeous house which he decorated himself. Apologies for my not wonderful cell phone pics. Jerome wasn't with me this time!