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Dethlehem // Musicians

Sitting here listening to Dethlehem as I put together their post, I'm reminded of a chat I had with Jebal Faulks, a classically trained violinist and teacher, who—when asked about his favorite music— told me, "Well, I really like death metal!" This came to me because I personally feel that there are similarities in the technical proficiency required to perform classical music and shred some rad death metal.

My music vocabulary is lacking so if you are looking for an in-depth breakdown look elsewhere. I can only give you what I feel when I listen to Dethlehem. What I'm drawn in by is their evident talent to put together a tight and grand sound, but I stay because of how much goddamn fun they are obviously having! Each album follows the journey of the men of Dethlehem as they traverse through fantastic and dangerous lands. In this interview we touch on all of it— the music, the comic, the journey to put together three albums, being the Best of Pittsburgh, and their plans for the future. 

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