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Amanda Waltz (part 1) // Writer

Waltz(ing) in the wild

Loyal Listener!

I have for you another installment of the AP Collection. This piece features Amanda Waltz, a writer, a critic, and a comedian from Williamsport who has settled nicely into the Steel City. This is the first part of the 2.5 hour interview. The second installment will be featured on Thursday's 8PM post. 

As I discuss in the interview itself there was a glich during the recording that was further disrupted in a freak accident in the editing booth. These things happen. I'm not in the least pleased with losing the one minute of transition in the conversation, but we must rally and move on! 

Minor issues aside this interview is a lovely look into the mind of a funny and charming writer who details the ongoings of Pittsburgh's film industry on her blog, Steel Cinema which also has a Facebook page. You can also find her in the Twitter-verse @SteelCinemaPGH or @MediaWaltz

(This interview was updated with a new intro on March 31st, 2013)