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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Dakota Garilli // Writer

Dakota in the foreground. Friend of the Collection Ian Riggins in the middle ground.

It takes real courage to email someone out of the blue and agree to come over to their house and then have a conversation with that stranger recorded for distribution on the Internet. Dakota Garilli is someone with a shit ton of courage and equal parts talent. In the time we spend together we discuss his time in undergrad, how he found and decided to come to the Chatham University, and his journey to define himself in his own place and time. 

Dakota on the Internet

In both Michael Buzzelli and Dakota's interview I bring up a woman that I can never remember her name at the time we are talking. I have to apologize for totally fucking up  and will attempt to rectify it by posting some links to the cool things she makes. Her name is Shadi Petosky (pronounced with a short 'A' like in Chad) and she created Puny Entertainment. Puny's blog is super fun as well.