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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Dave Panseri // A Cool Dude

Dave Panseri

Why hello there!

The following interview is with Pittsburgh native, Dave Panseri. We discuss growing up in Western PA in all its glory, how to field dress a dear, being in a ska band in the mid- to late nineties, and how you never want to meet your heroes. Dave is a fellow gaming friend of mine that is super laid back and incredibly friendly so I can't imagine you not enjoying our conversation!

A Note about the Audio: Around minute 40 for approximately 20 seconds something really strange happen to the recording. I did the best I could to limit the audio assault but you will hear a strange sound like something being moved over the mic. The truth is, we weren't touching the microphone at all so I have no clue what could have made that noise. If you think you do I would love you input.! Regardless, it's short enough that I decided we could all tough it out and it goes away quickly.

At this point, I am now ten interviews into this project. I'm incredibly happy to report that besides the odd sound issue it's coming along very swimmingly and have a number of very exciting interviews coming down the line soon. This sounds incredibly cheesy but it's true what they say about everyone having a story. When I ambushed Dave about doing this interview, he was convinced that he wouldn't have anything to talk about. Afterwards he was surprised how much he had to say.  

I hope that whoever listens to this will contact me with their own story. Email me at

(This interview was updated with a new intro on March 21st, 2013)