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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Andy Mulkerin

@andybotpgh chillin'

Andy Mulkerin is the Pittsburgh City Paper music editor and author of Building a Better Robot: 10 Years of the Mr. Roboto Project.

Andy's story begins here in Western Pennsylvania. He started as a rambunctious youngster at Penn-Trafford, and grew into a sixteen year old "Quiet Drew" working part time at Burger King. He then ventured forth to the University of Pittsburgh blossoming into a young punk rocker with The Independent Media Center spreading his wings at a large protest in Washington, DC.

While we journeyed through his life story, we made a few pit stops to discuss Taylor Swift, the Gaelic language, and why you might want carry your ID with you when you're arrested. 

This is another two hour interview. I know, I know! I should cut it down or cut people off at no longer than 90 minutes but... well, you'll see. Andy's story is just too damn compelling!

Andy on the Internet