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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Christmas Eger // Music Promoter, Booker

Christmas Eger has spent her life as a trailblazer. Before you ask, yes that is her legal name and is used to people doing a double take.

Before you ask, yes her legal name is Christmas and she's heard that joke before.

Christmas is a native Pittsburgher and since the age of 13 has been organizing and promoting music independently in the area. She is a part of the network of professional musicians, some well know, some not as much, that tour the US year round. She helps them book gigs, let's them crash on the floor, and gets the word out around town, all while dealing with her own life.

She was kind enough to come over and chat about her life, her own music career, and what the future holds for the most independent and driven woman I've ever met.

Forgive the sounds of pouring coffee. Christmas came over before noon on Easter Sunday so there is lots of coffee drinking.

You will also hear reference to "Dave" in this conversation. That would be Dave Panseri who also came over and chatted into a microphone a whole back! 

You can connect with Christmas on Facebook . 

Hope for the Day is an organization that Christmas is currently at, working to combat youth suicide through music and art programs. 

For good info on the Pittsburgh music scene check out