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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Jennifer Streeter

I met Jennifer Streeter through a mutual friend and decided that I had to invite her over to talk. On her day off she came over with a bottle of gin and more energy than I even thought was possible and we begun one of the most randomly fun conversations I've had in a while.

In the following interview we cut it up - discussing really whatever comes to us. I normally try to keep things on a somewhat guided track but Jennifer and I are too high energy on the day of this recording,  (in the best kind of way). I would say the discussion centers around the fact that we are about the same age and are both on a mission to get what we want, whatever that is.  

This conversation is really for me, but I think like minded souls will gravitate to it and enjoy it as well.

Get to it Internet! 

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