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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Noah Purdy // Photographer, Publisher of Rustbelt Almanac

I met Noah because Twitter is awesome. Don't believe me? Let me tell you a litte story.

Once upon a time a hungry artist was with two of her favorite people waiting for the PGHTacoTruck. Like good millennials we were tweeting away and after enjoying some amazing tacos I noticed that PGHTacoTruck had retweeted me. A couple days later I had a direct message from Noah who had seen the retweet and had checked out The AP Collection. 

In this interview we talk about Noah and his fascinating project Rustbelt Almanac. Order your copy today.

There was a little bit of an audio issue that wasn't obvious until I started editing. I caught most of it but nothings perfect so yeah. 

Noah on the Internet