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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

James Rich // PGHTacoTruck

James likes podcasting - I told him it was pretty addictive!

James Rich, owner and operator of and the PGHTacoTruck, is one of the small but growing group of entrepreneurs bringing high quality food and fun flavor to the streets of Pittsburgh - one tasty taco at a time.

James invites you to try something new, (antelope taco anyone?), to meet your fellow Pittsburghers at food truck round ups, and connects you with other vendors offering food he appreciates. Just follow his Twitter and you will see that he really cares about the community he travels through everyday. A huge foodie, he also writes and documents good places to eat in the Pittsburgh area at 'Burgh Gourmand. 

We discuss James' story from selling his first burrito from a small cart in Athens to the wild succes that is PGHTacoTruck.

I learned a LOT, including but not limited to the following: how important it is to take risks, how much work it takes to create something you are truly proud of, the worth of putting yourself out there and promoting something you believe in, how you can start with little and build something that people will dig.

Note: He drops the names of a number of phenomenal restaurants in Pittsburgh. Take notes.

James Rich on the Internet

Learn more about food trucks in Pittsburgh and the challenges they currently face due to unfriendly city ordinances:

The truck in all it's glory!