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Brian Barrish // The Soccer Desk Podcast

Brian on the left while recording The Soccer Desk Podcast at The Greeks Next Door in Narberth, PA

A Philadelphia native, Brian Barrish is a walking sports encyclopedia. Not just your NFL, MLB, and NHL, but of Major League Soccer, cricket, rugby, and Aussie rules football. One of the three co-hosts of The Soccer Desk Podcast, Brian is able to engage listeners with very descriptive discussions about soccer and the Union team he supports without alienating the uninitiated. I highly recommend the podcast to anyone who enjoys listening to three friends talk beer, soccer, and the larger cultural impact the game has the world over. Their podcast, which records every Monday from The Greeks Next Door in Narberth, PA right outside of Philly, touches on both men and women's soccer with interviews from insiders all over the country. Brian is also an editor and writer for The Soccer Desk website, as the Rugby Department Head as well as covering a variety of other soccer related topics.

Corrections department: While the Cosby Show did take place in Brooklyn, New York, I will forever link Bill Cosby with Philly so there!

Brian on the Internet: