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Day Bracey // Comedian

Greetings Internet!

You all first met Day Bracey if you checked out the performances episode that I posted a few weeks back. If you haven't already heard it I encourage you to check it out as we refer to it later in the interview. Others might know Day from stand-up open mic nights and longer form stand-up shows around the city. In this interview we learn about his creative past, his Pittsburgh roots, how bullshit most Pittsburgh radio is, (with the exception of WESA - love my NPR station!), and towards the end we have a pretty frank discussion about identity, race, and discrimination in the wake of Trayvon Martin and the President's speech concerning it. 

For those worried that is might be a super heavy discussion, don't be. Our talk is really fun and upbeat, only getting a little serious at the end and even then, it's not overly rant filled.


Day Bracey on the Internet: