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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

the AP Collector // Out & About

A young hula hoop enthusiast who was also a great assistant to me while recording interviews at today's event at the Union Project. Thank you Mini Collector!

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I'm a little out of it tonight but I wanted to get this up as a mini-bonus-extra episode. I hope to do more of these as I attend several interesting and creative events around the city and talk to the people that organize them, participate in them, and attend them. Today's mini-episode is from two different events. First, the latest exhibition at The Inn in Lawrenceville. Terry Boyd has created a series of paintings about his long time love of the Spice Girls. Secondly, today at The Union Project, a people gathered from all over Pittsburgh to listen and share at the True Story Barbecue organized by Stacy Keene and catered by Union Pig & Chicken. The theme was centered around the 50th Anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., delivered at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Both were well attended and well worth checking out. For future events, check out the links above and keep an eye out on my Twitter feed (@apcollector) as I like to spread the word about cool things about town.

A little off topic, I want to recommend this article by Tony Norman from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about the 50th Anniversary of "I Have a Dream." I started following Mr. Norman on Twitter after reading an article about e-cigarettes and found that he is a good journalist and a really thoughtful writer. He wrote this for Tuesday's paper and it was in the back of my mind while at the barbecue today.

I'm about to fall asleep while I type this so I will let folks speak for themselves. Thank you to Terry, Joanne, Brian, and Jen for talking with me!

See you around Internet.