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Anqwenique Wingfield // Vocalist

First things first, this interview was not long enough. The more I talked to Anqwenique and learned about her journey as a vocalist - the more there was to discuss. We were able to get into her background of being a shy but talented young singer who went on to study classical voice performance at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and then came on to the Pittsburgh jazz scene, collaborating with her jazz musician father. We also discussed what it means to be an up and coming artist and how every 20 something can relate to having a quarter-life crisis. 

For those that need genres to describe musical stylings, Anqwenique performs jazz standards, neo soul, gospel, and classical vocal/operatic pieces - beautifully. Keep in mind though that what I just wrote does absolutely no justice to what she is actually capable performing. Anqwenique has a blend of influences in her sound generating a creative perspective that I admire greatly and has cultivated a powerful independent energy all her own.

Check this interview out and then please support the latest project she is working on by clicking on the Kickstarter campaign link below. 

A big thank you is in order to former guest, Tara Sherry-Torres for introducing me.

Anqwenique Wingfield on the Internet

Included here are three different Youtube videos illustrating Anqwenique's talents. The Nouveau Noir Vocal Ensemble that she mentions at the end of the interview is also shown here.