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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Nora McLoughlin // Writer

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Nora and I met at one of Stacy Keene's True Story Parties, where she told a story that ripped right through my heart.  Our chat at the Book Exchange however, was far too short. Here, we were able to go further into her writing, including her journey from Upstate New York to Pittsburgh, by way of Boston.

While creativity is often the main focus of the AP Collection, the discussion behind one's creative process serves as an entry point into deeper conversation.  From there, we can travel to an individual's life experience and how that experience influences his or her perspective on the world, and how it might be reflected in and through the creative process. While Nora and I are both creative women trying to connect to a greater world, we can still learn from one another just as we can relate to each other. 

When you connect and open yourself to someone in that way, it encourages listening and learning from both parties, but also between those we will encounter further down the road. 

I can not promise that everyone will get along as Nora and I have done, but it is encouraging to recognize that our struggles are rarely our own and perspective often changes everything.

Nora on the Internet

Be on the look out for her book that's under development now and follow her on Twitter @norastories for the latest on what she's working on!