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Terry Boyd // Visual Artist

Terry first made an appearance in the AP Collection when I interviewed him briefly about his Spice Girls show at the Inn o Butler Street. Since then, he's headed back into the studio and in another direction that reflects a different side of his art practice. 

While visiting his studio in Radiant Hall, I contemplated large pieces of paper tacked gingerly to his wall space. On eggshell hued sheet was a landscape crafted from meticulously free handed hatch lines. “I realized it took me ten minutes to finish a line from one side of the paper to the other,” he said gesturing to the largest piece. I realized that he could theoretically calculate the approximate time to complete such a piece simply by counting each layer and multiplying by ten. Simply thinking of such a  painstaking task is my kind of thrill. 

Each layer took approximately ten minutes to complete using only an ink pen.

During our chat, Terry and I sipped a ton of strong coffee and munched on chocolate as we discussed this recent work and caught up about making art after college, (where we met). At this point we are each five plus years out from graduation and we discuss what we've built since then, what we (don't) miss from the past, and what we're anticipating moving forward.

This is definitely the longest conversation between Terry and me. He was a year or two after me at school and I was a wizard at being anti-social and awkward through most of my time in undergrad! This conversation was the perfect way to connect but also a pleasant opportunity to discover we had similar hang ups and what I like to call "early-twenties speed bumps." In the end we agreed that the journey is what drives us both to continue to create.


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