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John DeGore // Designer, Podcaster


Today's chat is with John DeGore, the co-creator of Creative Briefs, a podcast featuring chats with “designers and other creative professionals”. We met through Amy Garbark who, after I asked if I could interview her, she exclaimed that she was in popular demand and produced John’s business card. I didn’t think I was the only game in town and so it was exciting to realize there was someone else investigating creativity in these parts. Ninety percent of the people I interview are sought out by me via a polite email and John was no different—except this time we did a trade of sorts. He had me over to chat about the AP Collection, (and bitch like the privileged fool I am about art school) before we sat down for our chat at my place. This allowed me to compare how we podcast and I definitely learned a lot. 

John was raised locally and traveled the world with the army, including a tour in Iraq. Afterwards, he attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has built his design career in Pittsburgh. Currently he serves as secretary on the board for the local chapter of the AIGA. He is a cool dude and I look forward to what he does next.

Enjoy our chat!

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