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Artists' Respond to Warhol Museum Advertisements

Before reading below, go here or click the images above to read the letter in it's entirety.

Yesterday evening I posted a link to Pittsburgh based artist D.S. Kinsel's tumblr page. He, along with Thomas Jamison, Liana Maneese, and Julie Mallis wrote an open letter to the Warhol Museum about an ad campaign run in November of 2013. It's a really thoughtful critique and I want to stress that it's important to read it first before continuing further in this text. My opinion, which is shared below, is not as important as their letter or the dialogue that I hope it creates.

When I initially saw those ads back in November I was really confused and turned off by them. Honestly, I didn't really understand what the Warhol was trying to say or who exactly they were geared towards. Shaking my head, I just put them out of my mind.

Generally I don't like to take up a lot of this site to criticism or critique of other's work, (in fact, that's in my artist's statement). However in this case, I feel strongly about what Kinsel, Jamison, Maneese, and Mallis are saying, appreciate how they expressed it, want to assist in sharing it, and think it's important to begin a dialogue about this in Pittsburgh's art community. 

For the record, I'm a fan of the Warhol Museum and think that this misstep is an opportunity to engage with the institution. Let's hope that happens.