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Touchfaster // Production Company


Touchfaster provides entertainment and media services in the Pittsburgh area—including but not limited to event booking and coordination, multimedia design, photography, promotions, recording, sound and lighting, and video production. While that sentence is accurate and chock-full of information, it doesn't provide a vivid enough picture of what this three person group has actually accomplished. Beginning with seasonal parties showcasing bands and visual artists from the area, Touchfaster has grown, taking on bigger projects including a 21 piece live band tribute performance to the iconic Thriller album this past Halloween. (I can't give words to describe how upset I am that I missed this).

Each member of Touchfaster utilizes their own expertise to work on everything from recording a band's record,  interviews with artists,  organizing open mic nights, and producing a local studio's dance performance. Their plans continue to grow and as we chat, Brando and Pierce get into their personal motivations, share their experiments, and impart how important it is to start small, keep working, and allow a project to come together.

The latest event is Winter WUNDERGROUND next week, January 11th at the Rex Theatre in Pittsburgh's Southside at 8PM. Event info can be found in the Facebook invite (share the invite! let them know you are going! I did...) and tickets are available for purchase through Showclicks.

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