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Scott Benson part One // Animator, Illustrator

This is the first of a two part chat with Scott Benson (a.k.a. @bombsfall), animator and illustrator. We discuss his childhood growing up in a very religious and conservative family, playing in ska bands, and his transition into freelance illustration and animation. These topics however reveal more than Scott's origins but also his perspective on how he creates. Similar to other successful and established creatives, he has a DIY and punk-like attitude about skill building and crafting his art. Self-taught, his focus in the beginning was to, "do and do it well"–which he has accomplished. 

Currently, Scott is working on a video game with Alec Holowka called Night in the Woods a topic which we discuss at great length in the second half of this two part interview which will be released next Friday, February 7th, 2014. Today's chat reveals more about Scott's background and his short, But I'm a Nice Guy. We also gush about books, ginger ale, and myriad other things that I hope you enjoy!

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