September @ the AP Collection

I thought September would be the beginning of me getting a lot more work done in the studio. This is something that I tend to struggle with at the beginning of every month—plotting out thee the next four weeks telling myself they will be better scheduled and super-duper organized. As it turns out this was not the case. This isn't a bad thing however! No, instead, September was action packed with chats, events, and networking with some artists doing some incredible things here in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Ali Spagnola and I went to school together, so are chat was a lot of catching up and devolved into a really fun bitch session. Colin Matthews and Seth Storck from Steel City Secret Cinema talked about their upcoming event at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, (tickets are still on sale for the October 17th event but they are going fast soooo—get to it!).

September was also the month of announcing things with the folks behind IDK Magazine, the hosts of Creative Briefs, and Dave Kaule of Monster Trikes and Projekt 50/50 all with their own updates.

Liana Maneese and I tore it up for over two hours discussing social justice in Pittsburgh. After our chat she was sweet enough to volunteer as a model for the figure drawing classes I ran at Cafe con Leche's September Pop-up. Chance Brown happen to come to one of those classes after we met for our chat, (he's an incredibly talented sketch artist you guys).

Rounding out the end of the month is the beautiful band Ferdinand the Bull and the brilliant and talented Marcel Walker, comic book creator/extraordinaire! 

Finally, The AP Collection had a first this month: a sponsored episode! The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council introduced me to five amazing artists creating work here in Pittsburgh that I'm hoping to chat with further in the near future.

Looking forward into October, I'm planning on getting more done in the studio. We'll see how that goes but regardless, it'll be a fun month!