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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Doug Duerring // Photographer, Lighting Designer, Beard Haver

Doug Duerring came for a chat and stayed to run an impromptu photo shoot. When he came over for his chat, he brought three different cameras, (two digital and one film—if memory serves) and lugged in a huge and beautifully constructed homemade "beauty ring" light. This changed the entire dynamic of the first floor in the house. First, David, my neighbor MJ, and I all sat for basic portraits but, as the evidence shows below, we ramped things up as more of our neighbors came over and hung out. By the end of the once quiet Sunday, we had a house full of people hanging out and David and I had successfully hosted the first house party in our new home!

This is what Doug is capable of—bringing a bunch of people together and creating a wonderful vibe to create work in. After his visit I've been more focused on gathering more creative people to just stop by, hang out, and make things.

Listen to us chat about his life growing up in the Pittsburgh area, jumping into a career in lighting and sound design, literally running off with the best circus around (Cirque-Du Soleil), and get as fucking pumped as I did listening to Doug talk about grabbing life by the balls. 

He's got a show coming up in December—the last at the Garfield Artworks on Penn Avenue. December 4th is the VIP opening, (stay tuned for more details), and December 5th is the First Friday opening for the general public. Come out, say hello, then buy some artwork!

Douglas Duerring on the Internet