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Brandon Grbach // Clothing Designer, Owner:

Photo credit: Christina Shields, (@christinashieldsphotography on Instagram)

These are the kind of stories the AP Collection loves to share. Stories of success and people making things happen in Pittsburgh and because of Pittsburgh, not in spite of it. In this chat, Brandon Grbach tells his story of going from college dropout, to fledgling tshirt designer, to an international clothing brand, DeadBuryDead

Throughout his discussion with Genevieve, Brandon talks about his process, the benefits of producing through small businesses, new fabrics like bamboo, and the influence of being in Pittsburgh. They also explore the pitfalls of oversharing and the constant, meticulously curated profiles we are bombarded with on a daily basis and how the DeadBuryDead brand is a voice of a different pitch. 

Deadburydead's new line launches next Wednesday November 5th and will be in outlets nationwide on November 10th.

Discussed during the show...

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