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Pictures // October 2014

Today is Halloween (!!!) and as I sit thinking about the past month it is down right goddamn shocking that it's over. It's also surprising that I found the time to get this update out in a timely manner (#smallVictories)!

As this post is coming together, I am sitting at 52nd Street Market watching neighbors and visitors wander through and order deli sandwiches, (correctly) commenting on how nice this little corner spot is. Today the market functions not only as a convenient lunch/grocery spot also as a beacon of warmth against the grey drizzle outside. 

Reflecting on October I've realized that I am much closer to being the spontaneous interviewer that I want to become. People are able to book chat times and get their conversations out there much faster. This means that you dear listeners get to hear things in real time and find out about happenings in the beautiful in a timely manner. The past few chats promote events that are coming up in November 2014 so maybe listen through backwards.

If you're visiting this site in the far future know this about October 2014: It was a month of change and continued evolution. Our first conversations at the Carnegie Library went up, (Julie, Jonny, and Krish all did theirs there) the first chat to devolve into an impromptu photoshoot / Upper Lawrenceville neighborhood party happened, and I interviewed both my first pastry chef, clothing designer, former fellow turned entrepreneur, and art curator

Interviews // October 2014