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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Josh Inklovich

Josh Inklovich has come a long way. His story has taken the twists and dips that you would expect when he tells you he spent nine and a half years behind razor wire fences. To reach this point, heavily investing himself in the development of a work program for those who have had similar experiences, the ingredients are less conventional. 

To fully understand where he has been and where he is going, it's best to hear it in his own words. Josh's talk with Genevieve uncovers his personal history and pieces together the events, jobs, and mentors that have positioned him towards his current goal while informing a discussion on employment after conviction. 

Genevieve and Josh recorded this chat at the Café Con Leche popup at 5430 Penn Ave (formerly Quiet Storm). You can help support Tara Sherry Torres via her crowdfunding project on HatchYou can also find out about all the events happening at the Café Con Leche Pop-Up by visiting their Facebook page.