Allison Glancey & Craig Seder // strawberryluna

This is the third interview in our "Behind the Scenes of Handmade Arcade" series, in which you learn more about the talented and prolific artists vending at Handmade Arcade 2014. This is your opportunity to dig deeper into the working habits of the folks that make beautiful handcrafted objects that you should purchase and gift to loved ones this holiday season!

Warning to all non-history-buff types: you're gonna want to prepare yourself for a conversation featuring Philadelphia and all the cool/nerdy/historical shit you can do there. Allison is from Center City, so just know that I'm gonna talk about the Mint, why I cried at the Mint that one time, Ben Franklin's grave, and various other Philly topics.

Don't fret, we get into the art talk very quickly, delving into this handsome couple's work dynamic and how they shaped strawberryluna into one of Pittsburgh's premier printmaking and design studios. Initially working out of Artists Image Resource (one of a few printers I've met that have utilized AIR's weekly open studio hours), they now have a space in their own home devoted to the creation of posters, t-shirts, and prints for clients ranging from local to international. 

Be sure to check them out December 6th at Handmade Arcade!

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