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Mary E. Stewart // Improv Comedian, Brunchburgh

This chat with Mary was recorded a while ago so it obviously doesn't touch on anything that's been going on in the past month. That being said, it's a timeless conversation. Mary is involved with the thriving local improv scene. Across the country, improv and live comedy in general has enjoyed a boost in popularity not seen since the 1980s stand-up boom. A look at Comedy Central's recent break out hits, (Broad City, Key & Peele, Inside Amy Schumer, The Kroll Show,) and it's obvious that sketch comedy and improv have touched on the need for free form and absurd humor.

Originally from Cape May New Jersey, Mary's family owns a whale sight seeing company which introduced her to entertaining audiences at an early age. As you will learn though, she didn't really dig into performance until after receiving her degree in computer science in Philadelphia. 

While only in Pittsburgh for the past couple of years, she's already fell into a group of talented and funny people, including past guests: Krish Mohan, Ali Spagnola, Derek Minto, and Alex Stypula. She's also created a popular podcast where she eats and chats with people getting shit done in Pittsburgh called Brunchburgh.

Enjoy as she chats about being funny, being from Jersey, and what's next for her and the comedy scene in Pittsburgh.

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