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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Eco Art Pgh, Ziggy Sawdust // LuvFest, Jami Marlowe

Billie Marlowe (left) with daughter Jami.

This installment of the AP Collection focuses on one returning and one new guest. Ziggy Sawdust shares information about the upcoming Eco Art PGH event at the Pittsburgh Opera coming up this Thursday, November 13th at 7PM as well as some other holiday type events coming up soon. Then Jami Marlowe (a former resident of Brownsville, PA and Pittsburgher for the past twenty years) shares the story of her mother Billie Marlowe (pictured right)—a cook, mother, and friend to all she met.

Billie passed away eight years ago and since then Jami has held an event to celebrate her mother's life and greatest ambition—to bring together friends and family around food. Every year, Luvfest collects cash donations to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank while participants enjoy food, beverage, live entertainment, and great company.

This year LuvFest is Novemeber 14th starting at 7PM and is being held at the ToonSeum (945 Liberty Avenue) in Downtown Pittsburgh. Even if you have never met Billie Marlowe you can still get behind what she stood for—feeding people who need it most. During our conversation Jami shares stories about her mother and explains how former guest and forever friend of The AP Collection, Marcel Walker, has been adopted by her family.

Get all the info you need about the upcoming events including tickets, times, and places below!