Matt Buchholtz // Alternate Histories

This is the sixth interview in our "Behind the Scenes of Handmade Arcade" series, in which you learn more about the talented and prolific artists vending at Handmade Arcade 2014. This is your opportunity to dig deeper into the working habits of the folks that make beautiful handcrafted objects that you should purchase and gift to loved ones this holiday season!

Matt was a film student at NYU and lived in Brooklyn for many years before coming to Pittsburgh. His interest in Pittsburgh history came from reading about Andrew Carnegie. Regardless of how you feel about the robber baron, his influence on Pittsburgh at that time reveals a lot more interesting stories from Pittsburgh's past. Since 2011, Alternate Histories has turned historical illustrations of Pittsburgh and other cities on their head, providing humor and even insight into our past.

We get off topic during this chat which is one of my favorite things to do with people. You learn more about someone when you shoot the shit and we get into film, books, Walt Disney, the new James Brown film, Get on Up, and a mutual love of ours: ABC's Nashville.

Matt is someone I want to hang out with regularly. We've already planned to watch some TV next week.

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