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Audra Azoury // Unisex Jewelry & Gifts

This is the seventh and final interview in our "Behind the Scenes of Handmade Arcade" series, in which you learn more about the talented and prolific artists vending at Handmade Arcade 2014. This is your opportunity to dig deeper into the working habits of the folks that make beautiful handcrafted objects that you should purchase and gift to loved ones this holiday season!

Just a few of the many beautiful things Audra creates

Audra Azoury makes A TON OF THINGS. I used caps there to truly illustrate how many different items she actually produces. Just leafing though the new catalog she has carefully crafted, it is clear that she has a specific aesthetic which she has applied across a diverse collection of jewelry that appeals to a large audience. It's easy to see why she's popular!

During this chat we talk about her growth, the positive aspects and the challenges, as well as her inspirations and her entrepreneurial roots. She will be at Handmade Arcade and the Christmas Market in Market Square this holiday season, but you can also purchase her work on her website and in stores around Pittsburgh (like Wildcard on Butler Street)!

Audra Azoury on the Internet