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Scott Benson part Two // Animator, Illustrator

We are back! David and I sit down for the second half of a chat with Scott Benson. We pick up with his admission that relationships with folks who aren't making things can be very difficult—something that I personally find very relatable. <tangent> In the year that the AP Collection has developed I have lost touch with many of the people that I once spent time with regularly. Not only am I consumed with generating content, but I've found the average social setting in Pittsburgh, (a bar), where people aren't creating is now very tedious. </tangent> We all agree that finding the right work environment in order for you to thrive is critical and (if possible / you're really lucky) it could coincide with doing what you love. This line of conversation allows us to hit on topics such as Scott's DIY visual style and the much anticipated, Night in the Woods.

After listening to this interview I spent some time revisiting Scott's work and have so many more questions to ask. I'll just sit here and kick myself while y'all enjoy our chat!

Scott Benson on the Internet