Billy Jenkins // Writer

Billy Jenkins is a incredibly active dude. A Marine, an active reservist, and a firefighter, Billy is also a storyteller, finishing up his Creative Writing MFA with a focus in fiction at Chatham University. I met him at a reading organized by other Chatham MFA students called Word Circus which, if you haven’t been is really amazing. Not only do you hear from great local writers but the atmosphere is incredibly inspiring and positive. There is an open mic portion to each evening which always holds great surprises from students and non-students alike. 

A small correction: the writer we discussed but couldn’t think of his name was JD Salinger. I KNOW I KNOW!! in the moment it just wasn’t coming to us.

In this chat we talk about Billy’s background here in Pittsburgh, his military career, and what it’s been like channeling his life’s passion of storytelling into an intense academic program. This chat was really fun and I am so looking forward to what’s next for him!

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