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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

16 Pgh Social Media Mavens // Updates

photo credit: Jerome Charles

Hi Internet, here are some updates!

This is a mini episode of the AP Collection. Today it will just be me talking, a "State of the Project" post.

Today, the AP Collection was featured in an article on and I along with a number of other talented people were given the title of Social Media Mavens. It’s exciting and I’m so happy to be in great company!

For the new comers: The AP Collection about page says it all.

Short version: This project began with a cracked iPhone in the Oakland Farmer’s Market in July 2012 and is now a biweekly interview podcast that posts to this site and iTunes using a Libsyn RSS Feed. To subscribe and get every chat as it comes out. If this makes no sense to you, feel free to stream the chats right from this site on each artist's page, (or you can email me at and I’ll help you out). 


The AP Collection is now an LLC! This doesn’t affect the site or how you get content from me in the slightest. It does allow me to open up a business PayPal account and create an online “Tip Jar.” The audio content on the AP Collection has been and will always be free. It does however require a lot of work to keep the site up and running. 

What does that mean? Well, think of your run of the mill business, most tend to employ a receptionist, a marketing / PR manager, an accountant to handle the books, and a chief executive officer who oversees the whole thing. There are other roles in a business but you get the metaphor—I am all of those things and more. Jerome Charles, who took the picture of me featured on Pop City and many of the pics on does this regularly for free. James Kunz who created the AP Collection theme, did that for free. We’ve traveled across the city and further to collect conversations with brilliant people doing amazing things. 

I’m so grateful for these experiences and the gifts my friends have given me, but I’d like this project to grow and in order to do that I need financial support. Currently I haven’t gotten sponsors and honestly I’d like to see if I can make a "donate if you got it" system work before delving into doing commercials for the site.

So, if you click on "the Tip Jar” button above or on the main page of it takes you to To to the "Send” money tab and enter and any dollar amount you choose to give for this “good or service.” $2 or $200 it’s up to you! (thank you in advance) This is totally voluntary!

I’m working on setting up a system where if you can submit a regularly scheduled amount of $12 or more and then I will make something for you to say thanks! (Give me some time to work it out but it will be something along the lines of a portrait or other piece of artwork.)


I am starting to post twice a week. This is going to be interesting but I think I can pull it off. I have so many chats banked already and a lot of chats set up and I want to get them out there! When I started this project I challenged myself with just committing to something regularly and now I’m focused on getting more great content out there. 


This is just a quick FYI: I’m a painter. Don’t forget to check out the galleries page and see images I’ve created including of folks I’ve chatted with and paintings of stories from interviews. I’m also available for commissions! (email to talk about it further)

LAST ITEM... is a Thank You!

Thank you to those who have been so supportive of this project by retweeting and sharing posts, (a special shout out to Amanda Waltz of Steel Cinema and Matt Gondek for tweeting at @PopCityPGH as shortly after that I got an email from the writer of that article). Thank you to those who have introduced me to cool creatives doing amazing things, and thank you to those who simply show up when I've asked nicely and were just fucking awesome. You know who you are and I can’t thank you enough.

A very special thanks goes to David Turner, my partner in life and the most amazing man with which I’ve ever spent time. It’s not easy being the other half of a relationship with an artist who devotes every second of free time to building her dream and David is the kind of guy that just gets it. As I write this post, it's after midnight and he's fast asleep while I've kept the light on typing...

Finally, thank you Internet.