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Ben Ostroff // Blogger, Podcaster - BenReallyRickWhat

Hi Internet! This is Genevieve, this is the AP Collection, this is a chat with another local blogger and podcaster, Ben Ostroff! He is the Ben part of BenReallyRickWhat, a movie podcast that discusses film pairings. Ben is a cool dude and a real film nerd. We will learning this review that the two of us have opposite opinions but love talking about it! There is a little Oscar talk a (this is being released the Thursday prior to the big award show) I also wanted to watch a movie and talk with Ben about it just for the hell of it which is exactly what we did. I almost never go to the movies and he has practically seen everything so I decided to peruse Netflix for something and we settled on “End of Watch” which I had heard mixed things about. Figuring this would provoke discussion, we dove in! I stand by my statement of not really understanding the timeline of that movie really at all. Otherwise I dig a good action movie and it delivered while brining you face to face with a small part of Los Angeles that I am completely unfamiliar with. 

Anyway, enjoy!

FYI! This is filled with spoilers

Ben Ostroff

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