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DS Kinsel part Deux

I first interviewed DS Kinsel back in August of 2013. Since then he's been hard at work— creating, collaborating, and curating here in the Pittsburgh art scene. In this chat, we talk about it all: his work with the Greater Pittsburgh Art Council, with Bunker Projects and Most Wanted Fine Art in Garfield, the collaborations with other local artists including, (Julie Mallis as Magic Organs) and of course—the public letter to the Warhol Museum. We also get into using media as a medium and as always, I learn a lot from him.

This chat was recorded in the cafe space of 720 Records at 4405 Butler Street in Lawrenceville. Thank you so much 720 Records for being an amazing host! #shoplocal and support their business today! Follow @720pittsburgh & @720Vintage on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

DS Kinsel on the Internet

Thank you again to 720 Records on Butler Street in Lawrenceville for letting us record this in their coffee shop's cafe area!