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Chuck Olson // Visual Artist


Upon entering Chuck Olson's studio in Indiana Pennsylvania, I was hit instantly and simultaneously with feelings of joy and envy. The space is large, bright, and lined with cool things at which to look. The view is great for gazing out at and daydreaming and the room is filled with enough light for a painter, (and there is never enough light in a room for a painter). In our chat we talk about the importance of having a space to work in that you want to simply be in and his space is the ideal one. Check out the gallery of photos and see for yourself!

Chuck Olson was one of the first people I've chatted with who discovered the AP Collection through someone else's interview and emailed me directly asking to chat. One peak at his website and I could not wait to sit down and talk. He's a well established and practicing artist who's been teaching at St. Francis University in Indiana Pennsylvania since he was only 23 years old. During his time there he's not only taught and inspired countless students but also created his own extensive body of work that investigates the limits of painting as a medium. 

I'm not going to spoil anything we talked about here so just enjoy our chat and be sure to check out the link to his site below!

Chuck Olson on the Internet

Photo credit: Jerome Charles