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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Grits Capone // Poet, Visual Artist

Grits Capone is a poet, writer, and visual artist born in Washington DC and raised here in Pittsburgh. He runs with a pretty creative and collaborative crowd including past guests, Anqwenique Wingfield, DS Kinsel, Tara Sherry-Torres, and many others. The following conversation touches on his work with these prolific talents, his own diverse portfolio and his process—but we wander as well. We delve into some deep chat about defining identity, how individuals connect, (or don't) with one another and what it means to engage both one on one and via social media. 

After chatting with people for The AP Collection I tend to keep in touch and remain friendly with everyone that comes over and I hope that Grits Capone and I do so. He's the kinda dude you could just sit and chat with for hours about practically anything.


Grits Capone on the Internet

Grits Capone in front of a collage he created for Art on the Walls, a show curated by DS Kinsel and currently up in the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council offices in Downtown Pittsburgh. Photo provided by Grits Capone.