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Lord Grunge // Pittsburgh Batman

Lord Grunge is a rad motherfucking dude. From his stories about touring as half of the band Grand Buffet to creating writing and directing of the hit stage performance, Pittsburgh Batman. Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW for the spectacular tale of the cape crusader with a Pittsburgh twist. Current friends and past guests of the AP Collection, Dave Mansueto and Davon Magwood are a part of the amazing cast. Tickets will sell out QUICKLY so make sure you go to and click on the buy tickets link. You can also go straight to and search for Pittsburgh Batman—all pre-event ticket sales are online. Otherwise be ready to pony up more cash at the door of the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty where the performance will be playing on Thursday, March 20th, Friday March 21st, and Saturday March 22nd.

Lord Grunge and I talk about coming up in the Pittsburgh music scene, where the idea came from for Pittsburgh Batman, and pretty much whatever the fuck else we want to talk about!

Lord Grunge on the Internet


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