Casey Droege // Cultural Producer

Casey Droege is a cultural producer. Part of the team behind CSAPGH, a teacher, and a practicing artist, she is interested in building people's relationships with art in all its forms. In this discussion we talk about her formative years in Pittsburgh's Spring Hill neighborhood, (she's from a family of creatives), what to expect when you buy a share from CSA PGH, her personal work including a mural in the North Side, and why choosing your own path is more important than anything.

In the discussion we talk about a show on Penn Avenue at a gallery called Fieldwork Contemporary Art. This post unfortunately didn't make it to the site before that event but I encourage people to check out what's coming up. You have to buy a share to go to the pick-up events though, so get it together and get a share before they are gone!

CSA PGH Art Pick-Up Event #1:  Friday, May 16 @ Fieldwork Gallery 6:00 - 8:00 PM - 4925 Penn Ave. 15224

CSA PGH Art Pick-Up Event #2:  Friday, June 13 @ The Mine Factory  6:00- 8:00 PM - 201 N. Braddock Ave.  15208


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