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Everyone has a story that should be heard. I'm here to collect.

Caroline Moore // Photographer, Designer

Caroline Moore is a photographer and designer living and working out of Brownsville, PA. We became acquainted over Twitter and while she lives 90 minutes south of Pittsburgh she didn't mind making the trip up to grab Chinese food and hang out for a while. We quickly fell into comfortable conversation about hair, art, how dumb and awesome people can be on social media. I realized half way through our time together that it might be odd to invite a stranger over on a week night to interview them after just a few tweets and emails but to us it felt just like any other relaxing Wednesday.

The following is 90 minutes of chat between two ladies getting to know each other and talking shop. I learned a lot and hope you do also! (Be sure to check out the link to "How Punk Rock Made Me a Better Designer" below. It's the fucking best!)

Caroline Moore on the Internet